PEGS Coaching Source is a service that finds Coaches for sport organizations, health organizations, academic organizations, business organizations and just everyday people in need of a Coach in any area. We have been providing this valuable service since 2012. 

We find you yoga instructors, math tutors, soccer coaches, hockey coaches, baseball coaches, business coaches, life coaches, SAT prep, etc. This is to name a few of the areas we are currently working in but not limited to. If you have a need, we will provide you with a well-trained Coach to help you accomplish any Goal. We also provide support and instruction to parent coaches to maximize their coaching opportunities.

Some of the teams and organizations we have provided camp coaches and sports directors include Bayside Little league, Vic's Ultimate Sports Camps, Queens Wolverines, Great Neck Little league, and West Hempstead Little league. We provided staff for instruction in  T-Ball, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and other sports. Our Staff work in various instructions including one to one instruction, team's instruction,  organization's coaches training  and camp/clinic instruction. 


If you would like more information on any of these services, or to sign up for one of our services please reach out to us via email or by phone. 

P -(516) 508-3664, E - info@pegsbaseball.com