For these sessions we begin by having the athlete filling out a AMAP (athletes mental aptitude profile) on paper. This is followed up by a meeting either in person, on the phone, Face Time etc. At the end of each meeting the athlete will send back an initial email on what was discussed that day. This will be followed up by an email from a PEGS Performance Mental Game Coach breaking down the conversation, key take away points, and a task to be completed by the next meeting.

We do have options where we also offer video based instruction where you send us a video and we send back feed back and drills for the sport and the skill you are working on.

1 month   - $250
2 months - $480
3 months - $950

1 Week - $90 - This is for one training session 30-50minutes. This is generally for athletes we have already worked with in the past and have some perceived issues they would like to talk about.

Longer time frames are also available and are discussed at the 6 week mark of a 3 month training session. Our job is to ensure the athletes are getting the most out of the training. We have seen that if the athletes are not taking the mental training serious (i. e. - doing it because their parent wants them to) then results are hard to achieve. We re-assess both coach to player and discuss what will be best for them.

  • 1 phone call/FaceTime/Skype (every ten days – 20-40 minutes)

  • 1 video skill review with feedback ($75 per week) OPTIONAL ADD-ON

If you would like more information on any of these services, or to sign up for one of our services please reach out to us via email or by phone.

P -(516) 508-3664, E -